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Christine's creativity, compassion and thoughtful care lead me to a path in my life with tremendous personal resonance and relevance!  My work with her has had a strong focus and attention on what I am here to create in this world.  It has been significant and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a positive and empowered approach to change.

Chris E., St. Paul, MN

Chris was absolutely amazing! She has imparted to me some of the most important life lessons and helped me to see the value in myself. Her approach is direct and forces you to think but in a gentle way. She holds the line of accountability but allows you to do the work that is necessary to achieve your goals and dreams. My time working with her will be cherished and if the need to work again should arise I know who I will want to work with again in the future.

John B., Columbus, Ohio

In summary, I would say that my coaching experience proved to be a spiritual awakening and an amazing way to look into my own soul and at my unique gifts that I and my organization have an opportunity to provide to my community and to the world.  When I started coaching, I was full of self-doubt and had a cloudy vision.  Christine helped me to reflect and our coaching led to me uncovering the blocks that I was experiencing and what was causing me to hesitate in my life. My time with the coaching program allowed me to thrive in business and in life with tools to continue to grow and evolve.

T. Williams, Mpls, MN

When I began coaching with Chris, I was pretty frustrated and felt like I was stuck, both in my personal and professional life.  During my first session with Chris I had so many Aha! Moments.  Over the time I worked with her, Chris helped me pull my head out of self-doubt; and she helped me build my confidence.  She is truly, genuine, kind and honest and I feel my coaching with her was an opportunity of a lifetime.   She helped me to turn my life around.

B. Lee, St. Paul, MN

It has been a great pleasure having you as my coach! The experience is deep and everlasting. The use of neuroscience, spirituality, and indigenous knowledge to help guide discussions has been phenomenal and very impactful! Above all, your ability to easily tease out relevant documents and materials during discussions for reference and further reading is unmatched. I am indeed grateful for this opportunity and I thank you very much your time, patience and professionalism.

G. Abdul, World Food Program, Ghana

My coaching experience with Chris was excellent.  I was at a point in my retirement where I was lost.  Chris gently called me out of my stuck places and gave me permission to get out there and experience the good parts of retirement.  Another by-product of our time together is that I now spend more time meditating and on pursuing my spiritual development.  Both had been long term goals that I had continued to place on the back-burner.  Coaching made me take a closer look, come into choice, and realize how crucial they are to me in my life.  With Chris's coaching, I live more positively - both in myself and in my relationships.  My time and my money spent coaching are well worth the outcomes I live with each day.

Retiree, St. Paul, Minnesota

Chris has been my life coach for over two years now! What started as an initial search for help during a job transition time has since blossomed into a true relationship of trust and mutual understanding. Chris has an incredible sense of intuition knowing the direction to lead someone which will help them uncover answers to their deeper pursuits and open a way to obtain them. I have so much trust in Chris! She's truly a God send. Her playfulness and creativity will spark new found freedom leaving you encouraged and uplifted to want more in life. All the best to those on the journey!

Meagan H, St. Paul, MN

After a session with Chris, I feel clear and energized. She helps me gain clarity and get past the obstacles that are holding me back. She has a deep and soulful presence so I love just being around her and having her listening ear and support. She is supportive, encouraging and listens deeply. Working with Chris is transformational on so many levels.

Mother/Single Parent, St. Paul, MN

Our coaching sessions packed with resources and tools helped me through uncertain times as well as to take the first steps in my new management role.  I was grateful for the safe space to express my feelings and could feel Chris's whole-hearted support and acceptance.  Whether I came prepared or not, motivated, or simply upset, our sessions allowed me to pause, reflect, learn and her positive presence was invaluable.   The biggest take-away is that above all and regardless of the many challenges I might face, I am the light that blooms flowers and brings joy.  This helps me to nurture myself, my team and those around me.   I thank her for leading me back to this truth. and for being part of my 'journey into the wilderness' I call it these days.

Z. Egyed, UNHCR, Budapest, Hungary

When I began coaching I was uncertain about several aspects of my life - retirement, finances, aging parents and boundaries with my adult children. I realized that I had been living on auto pilot and I was pretty good at masking my true feelings.  Coaching took me from feeling numb and fearful to realizing that I have choices and get to live by honoring my heart and taking care of myself.  Chris's insights were spot on and she gave me so many tools.

Executive Assistant, 3M St. Paul, MN

I feel grounded after we meet, super engaged, connected to my soul and leading from my heart.  I credit Chris for the best year of my life.

D.M., Boston, MA

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