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     When you enter one of my workshops, you leave the rest of your world behind.   There is a space where we meet and I call it "the space that is in between" (between how you arrive, and how you choose to leave).    Prepare to engage with yourself from the deepest and wisest part of who you are, prepare to be called forth into a life or your design, and prepare to find peace, summon courage, and to leave with new intentions for your life and living. 

    I have been working with people long enough to know that there is always some space for any of us to amp up our self-love and care.   These workshops are unique and are designed as a creative experience, filled with questions for deep reflection, and amplified by powerful imagery that will last long beyond the workshop.  I bring enthusiasm, compassion, and relatability.  You bring you!  

     Please join one of my workshops or engage me to custom design one for your organization, your group, your family, or your friends.  

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Refresh Your Resiliency

“Challenging Times” does not even begin to describe what we have been through individually and collectively over the past few years.  In addition to our work, every facet of our lives has been adapted and for us to thrive in this new culture we live in, we need to be resilient, creative, and strong as we care for ourselves and our families.  Time spent will be robust and varied, yet light and playful allowing space for personal reflection and intention setting for deep wide personal care.  


Participants will leave

  • With an understanding of stress and its long-term health impacts

  • Having gained a fresh awareness of wellness care for mind, body, heart, social & spirit

  • With personal intentions that will guide them in moving forward

  • Feeling grounded and refreshed having reconnected with their deepest essence.

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A Creative Look at Self-Care

Stress in life is here to stay.  It is not going away.  Gain a clearer understanding of the stress response and the long-term implications for health.  Participants will look at self-care as an evolutionary process with time, experience, and reflection as their teacher.  Christine will guide you to listen to what is deep inside of you, and to engage in self-care practices born out of your choosing and your commitment, resulting in a life with more confidence, energy, health, and joy. ​


Participants will expect to:


  • Review the stress response in our brains and bodies, including chronic stress symptoms and long-term health implications.

  • Review and expand wellness care tools for mind, body, heart, social and spirit.

  • Design a personal plan for resiliency and self-care.

  • Leave feeling more in touch with all facets of themselves and their lives.


Imagine .....

...the possibilities if you engage me to personally design an offering for your group, organization, family, or friends.   

Read what people are saying about me, then reach out to consult.  


Find the Inquire Now button below and let's get started! 


Here's what people are saying:

M Health Fairview:

"You just delivered an exceptional workshop!  You provided so much ‘meat’ and helpful information for each participant to take away and include in their self-care practices.  I appreciated your contagious enthusiasm for the subject matter and am certain that a lot of growth took place and will continue to take place in the lives of those who attended.  You are excellent at what you do, Chris!  Thank you for the journey today."


Participant comments:

  • A big "Thank you!" for today's self-care training. It's the best self-care training I've ever attended. Chris is fantastic! 

  • "Chris was a very enthusiastic presenter, and she came from a rich imaginative, and playful approach with an ecumenical spiritual current. I appreciated the neuroscience basis and the more concrete mind-body connection components." 

  • "I am walking away with a commitment to self-care.  Great questions that cut to the heart of finding out where our triggers and stressors exist. I think long-term asking those tough questions will help me."

  • "A nice time for reflection and an instructor who is skilled at leading people through the activities."

  • "Loved the presentation! So many great visuals to share."

  • "I found it extremely helpful with my self-awareness and reflection."

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