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I am here to help people take a stand for their personal and unique truth! 

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Raised in Taiwan, Kenya, Laos, Pakistan, and Indonesia, I spent my life navigating belonging as I repeatedly learned to fit into a new home with new schools, people, customs, cultures and friendships.  When I ultimately landed back in my own country as a young adult (the U.S..), I found it an immense struggle to find myself.  As a third culture kid (TCK) -that is the term for those who grow up outside of their home culture during their formative years -I found myself navigating life with wanderlust, forever in search of an elusive home.  

I searched for my soul in and out of profit/non-profit organizations and many career moves later (case management, staffing, recruitment, training) when my life intersected my coaching program, I finally learned what “home” felt like and how to access it.   I recall participating in an exercise that invited me to feel the world as I would want it to be with my very own superpower!   Placing my hand on my heart, I came up with three words that have guided me since – “Be Here Now.”

It did not happen instantaneously, but over time that “Be Here Now” guidance system invited me to trust that true belonging resides within, and I learned to belong to myself.  I had been searching endlessly for myself in and out of jobs, relationships, and even physical spaces.    The irony is that what made me feel so disconnected and unable to fit in, ultimately became the piece of the puzzle that showed me how I do fit in this world.   My global upbringing taught me to connect with people from all walks of life, remove barriers, and get quickly to the heart of what matters, all paramount to meeting and serving those in my coaching.   

Live from the Inside Out

This stringing of the beads-- coming home to self and then bringing self out in service of others and our natural world is at the heart of my work.  I invite anyone who wants to take the inward path to the outside world to reach out to me.  So much is possible when we look with honesty on where we come from, harnessing our gifts (not all so easy to discern as some indeed look like challenges or roadblocks), and weave them with who we are now for our path ahead.  

 I dedicate myself to meeting people where they are and supporting them in coming home to themselves.  An honest, vulnerable, and fun coaching space awaits you!  Guiding others with essential and radical self-care and helping people access their heart home and their sense of true belonging lights me up.  From the inside out, I will support you as you climb into what makes you special and unique so that you can do the work your soul is meant to do this lifetime.   Our work together will help you step out of your own way and birth your authentic soulful presence into the world in service of yourself, your loved ones,  and the story we are all unfolding together in our world.

Through one-on-one coaching and workshop facilitation, I serve others in aligning their gifts for greater personal fulfillment.  Healthier individuals create healthier families and communities and in turn help to heal our world and leave a better one for our children.   

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