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Honor Your Story, Heal,  Let Go, Harvest Your Passions, Set Intentions, Let Your Heart Lead, Align With Spirit, Sing Your Own Song, Dance Your Own Dance, Live Your Own Truth, Birth Your Own Creative Fire, Bring your "ME" to the collective!!


Tsoulnami coaching sessions offer a creative and powerful no-judgement zone for you to gain clarity for your forward path.   Explore a space where you are stuck, a pending decision or a major lifestyle shift that has you tangled up inside.  Come in to review your intentions or reset goals.   Results vary and major shifts are possible in just a one hour session.


Tsoulnami is about your evolution. I understand that each individual that walks through my door has a unique story, unique circumstances and unique dreams.  This package will explore where you come from, honoring and harvesting the wisdom of your journey to guide you forward.  These three months are explorative, honoring self, claiming values and setting your compass to what is true for you. Includes a 2 hour Discovery Session, 5 Coaching Sessions, (up to one hour each) and email support. 


Personal evolution coaching is designed to help you live from the inside out.  When we heal ourselves, grow ourselves, and align with our unique passions, we can then live from the space where our life touches so many others.  Our life on purpose has impact that can be seen and felt in the world around us.  Tsoulnami helps you intersect with others for your authentic expression.  Living a life of joy, purpose and passion is about claiming it, committing to it and creating the reality of it a day at a time. Includes a 2 hour Discovery Session,  11 Coaching Sessions (up to one hour each), a one hour Authenticity Wheel Session, and email support. 

"When I began coaching with Chris, I was pretty frustrated and felt like I was stuck, both in my personal and professional life.  During my first session with Chris I had so many Aha! Moments.  Over the time I worked with her, Chris helped me pull my head out of self-doubt; and she helped me build my confidence.  She is truly, genuine, kind and honest and I feel my coaching with her was an opportunity of a lifetime.   She helped me to turn my life around."   - B. Lee, St. Paul, MN.  

If money is a barrier to coaching, please reach out to discuss options, I often have scholarship options or a sliding fee schedule available.

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